Vinnie Montez

Vinnie Montez, a nationally touring stand-up comedian, hails from Colorado, where he spent his formative years in the peculiar community of Boulder. While Boulder claims to be a diverse hub, it’s actually just plain weird. Growing up, Vinnie nurtured a childhood dream of becoming a police officer. Fast forward to today, and he boasts over two decades of experience in law enforcement. His unique blend of cop stories and his Mexican heritage serve as the bedrock of his comedic repertoire, because truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

In 2007, Vinnie found solace and catharsis in comedy, using it as a means to tackle the stress and trauma that accompanied his encounters with harrowing situations. Since then, he has graced the stages of esteemed venues like Denver’s Comedy Works and various other national comedy spots. Vinnie made his comedic debut on Dry Bar Comedy with his special, “Armed & Hilarious,” released in 2019. With a focus on sharing humorous tales from his life as a police officer and advocating for better mental health within the law enforcement community, he has become a beloved figure at events throughout the nation.

Vinnie’s comedic prowess extends beyond the stage, as he has amassed millions of views on his social media platforms. His viral videos, related to his hilarious brand of comedy, have captivated audiences and further solidified his presence in the comedy scene.

Thanks to his relatable humor, universal appeal, and online success, Vinnie Montez has carved out a special place in the hearts of audiences all across the country.