Vinnie Montez is a compact ball of kinetic energy waiting to explode.

A Colorado native, he grew up in the largely homogenous community of Boulder, which prides itself on being a bastion of cultural diversity, but which is honestly just weird. With a strong Mexican heritage, his mom and dad were the biggest influences in his life; they weren’t afraid to be themselves or stray from the traditional Mexican culture, instilling core values while letting him find his own way.

As his physical dimensions will attest, good food is always a priority – especially good Mexican food; the hotter the better. Nevertheless, he has been known to enjoy the occasional burrito or two (or five… or six…) from the neighborhood Taco Bell.

Always the center of attention at any social gathering, he got into comedy in 2007 with a trial performance at Comedy Works in Denver.  A bit of an adrenaline junkie, it gave him a taste of the spotlight, and like a good taco, he found he wanted more: since then he performs regularly at Denver’s Comedy Works and has appeared at venues across the nation, including the 2014 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.  Vinnie has shared the stage with the likes of Paul Rodriguez, Louie Anderson, Chris D’Elia, Joe Rogan, Lisa Landry, Ben Roy, John Crist, Josh Blue, Bobcat Goldthwait, Phil Palisoul and many more.